Youth Holiday 2017 Awards!

Team Award

St Pancras

Tyreese – Team leader

Yrene – Co-Leader





Abby –             Peter Parker award for scaling vertical surfaces

Charlie –          The Eager Beaver Award for Generosity of Spirit

TJ –                  The Scuba Diving Award for throwing himself in

Isaak –             The Red Squirrel Award for Agility

Joel –                The Banshee Award for Voice Production

Johnny –          The Number 42 Award for being the Answer to Everything Asked of Him

Joshua –           The Lionel Messi Award for Football Prowess

Jude –              The R Kelly, ‘I believe I can fly’ Award

Juliette –          The Florence Nightingale Award for Excellent Nursing Skills

Katie –             The Katie Priceless Award for being Indispensable

Kyl –                The Blest Award for Quiet Kindness

Louis –             The Nike Sponsorship Award for Consistency in Clothing

Maya-Dee –     The Willow Tree Award for Conservation

Oliver –            The “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” Award for Intrepid Scaling of Heights

Rachael –         POSP Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution

Reuben –         The Red Nose Award for Comic Relief

Ronnel –          The Bear Grylls Award for Wilderness Tent Building

Sophia –          The Hagia Sophia Award for Loveliness

Tyreese –        The KFC Award for Taking Others Under his Wing

Yrene –            The Enterprise Award for Helpfulness & Effort

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