Mysterious 19th Century Walrus Found in St Pancras Churchyard

It has been all over the news. A Pacific-ocean walrus was found along with 3 human remains from 1822 in the St Pancras Old Church churchyard during the railways excavations in 2003. No one knows how it got there or why. Beatles jokes abound.

Daily Mail article:
The ongoing mystery around how a Pacific walrus ended up buried in a human coffin beneath London’s St Pancras station

Londonist Article: Walrus Found In London Grave

The walrus and the remains are now held by the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre in Hackney, east London and can be viewed by researchers.

We are getting in touch with the managers of the centre, and will post when/if there are updates. Just goes to show the depth of mystery and intrigue when you start digging up 1700 years of London history.

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