St Paul’s Needs a New Building – Be Part of the Project

St Paul’s Church has served the local community for 170 years.  Our chapel, hall and gardens are in constant use supporting a thriving congregation and several community groups.  The Parish Office hosts clergy, staff and volunteers from across the Parish, while the parsonage provides accommodation for our pastoral assistants.  However, the poor state of the current building (built in 1956) limits our ability to serve the community and threatens the continuity of our church in the future.

The current building cannot be repaired and urgently needs to be replaced.  We hope to rebuild a new community building and chapel, revamp the garden, and replace the church offices and living accommodation.  Modern and welcoming new facilities will enable us to meet the needs of current and future generations and help and inspire us to do more.

We have already started to gather ideas from the community to help shape our vision for the future.  We are continuing to engage with a range of individuals and groups including members of our congregation, our neighbours, and others involved with our wider community.  We want to find out what people think of the existing buildings and activities at St Paul’s Church, and what people would like to happen here in the future.

Please help us to develop our ideas for the project by joining our mailing list so that we can keep you up to date about the project and invite you to future events and activities:

We look forward to working together to develop our vision for the future of St Paul’s.