The Next Millenium

The Next Millennium project is our exciting development project for St. Pancras’ Old Church. Over the next three years, we will repair the decay to the fabric of our ancient church, renovate it, and enable it to become a Hub for both our established and growing communities. Our mission is to promote the values of a Good Neighbourhood, enabling people to come together to help and support each other. Donate here and join our campaign email list to keep up to date.

Phase 10%



opening up works SPOC

Target £21,000

  • We successfully raised £21,000 to allow a team of experts to work on our building to discover a hidden Tudor wall and uncover the issues in our building. Substantial movement was found in the south wall of the Nave and Chancel, leading to structural instabilities. We engaged Artarchitects to draw up plans to repair and secure the building. We successfully raised enough money to complete this work in February.
Phase 20%




Target £70,000

  • The vital to our mission to our community is to provide a safe and welcoming space for anyone. In Phase 2, we will repair and secure our building, allowing it to continue offering afternoon teas, concerts, lectures, quiet, worship, education, and community.
  • Following the success of the opening-up works, we have been able to develop a project to stabilise the building and its monuments, rescuing our beloved ancient church from closure. At the moment, our south wall continues to move, opening up cracks which are destabilising the wall. We are currently fundraising toward these works, which will cost £70,000. We have received a grant of £38,000 from Historic England, but we need your help to reach our target! For more information about phase 2, please click here.
  • The completion of phase 2 is vital to the continued existence of St. Pancras’ Old Church as a worship space, as a heritage site, and as the beating heart of our community.
Phase 30%


End of 2022


Target £150,000

  • With the structure of the church secured, we plan to develop the liturgical space, completely restoring this beautiful church to make it an excellent site for the Divine Worship and for artistic works. Our building will be an oasis of profound beauty and quiet in the business of central London, an asset to our community, and a work of priceless heritage to pass onto the next generation.
  • The works will include researching the previous decorative schemes and orderings of the church, as they have developed over the last century, conserving and restoring our ancient monuments, redecorating and repairing the walls and ceiling of the church, and reordering the worship space to enhance the dignity of the worship we offer to God.
  • Please give what you can to protect and beautify this defining part of our history, by clicking here.
Phase 40%


End of 2025


Target £250,000

  • Argent has been chosen to re-develop the St Pancras hospital site next door to the church. This residential development will bring St. Pancras’ Old Church even closer to the local community. We will re-develop our parish room to make us a hub for community use, developing our connections with St. Pancras Community Association, We Are Ageing Better, the Horizon Youth Club, and local schools and businesses. We will work to promote the principles of Good Neighbourhood by connecting our established communities to the new communities of the Kings Cross District.
  • We will become more outward facing with disabled access, hospitality facilities, and by exploring the possibility of a courtyard cafe.