Maurice Sills RIP

Maurice started coming to St. Michael’s in 1996 when he was 80 to support Fr. Nicholas in the task of renewing the life of the church in Camden Town. At the time there were just 12 people in the congregation and Maurice travelled from his home in Barnet to boost the numbers. He continued to belong to St. Michaels long after Fr. Nicholas left for Rio de Janeiro and only when he turned 100 and the journey started to become too difficult did he have to stop. He died peacefully on the 25th June just a month short of his 102nd birthday.
Maurice will be commended to God at the 12.30pm Eucharist at St Paul’s Cathedral on Tuesday 27 June and at St Michael’s, Camden Town at the 1pm Mass on Wednesday 5 July. His funeral will be held in St Paul’s Cathedral under the Dome at 5pm on Tuesday 11th July.
For more information about his life and his work, please click here.
Please pray for the repose of his soul.
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